Project Update: Rolling On

I’m working on the roll system. It’s taken me a while to get happy with my design document for rolls, which I’ve entirely scrapped several times because it doesn’t work nicely with XMI and the action outcome functionality. I think this most recent version, however, will be more friendly and have a better outcome. I still haven’t made much progress on implementing prepared statements, either, but I did get sidetracked into working on an XML editor, which I’ll include the very unfinished code for (i.e. doesn’t edit, doesn’t handle all the child nodes like the final version will, but can write new blank files and directories as well as load up finished XMI files) in the next release. Continue reading “Project Update: Rolling On”

Project Update: Approaching a Test Release

I’ve got only a handful of things remaining to finish before XMICAE is ready for a test release. Some of these might not even make it in to the first testing, depending on how ready I am when June 7th rolls around. I’d hoped to make the June 7th release be a public test, but it’ll probably be 0.0.0 in my version system and include a without-warranty source release under Apache 2.0. I should be able to start a private test this weekend, and release 1.0.0 as well as open it up for public testing some time the week afterward. Here’s the stuff I have left to do:

  • Some UI sidebar stuff
  • Removing old test files
  • Adding in rolls
  • Finish switching over to prepared statements.

Continue reading “Project Update: Approaching a Test Release”