Project Update: XMICAE 0.1.0

XMICAE 0.1.0 has undergone some testing and finishing, and I have to say that I’m happy with where it has come. The roll system should work fine, so a lot of what remains is going through and putting in some end of life support for the platform and whatnot. This means documentation writing, which shouldn’t be too horrifying, as well as cleaning up my production folder. I’ll leave all my test files in there so that people can mess around with them if anyone wanted to extend/learn from XMICAE. Continue reading “Project Update: XMICAE 0.1.0”

Project Update: Rolling On

XMICAE 0.1.0 is ready for release once I finish a few tasks, namely fixing an issue with the interplay between XMI and the roller (which use separate methodologies) and polishing up the documentation so that it’ll be usable, especially since I went through and changed a lot of the things, and because the roller wound up utilizing only a partial feature set. Notable as well is the fact that I decided not to have the roller have the ability to load files—instead that task is relegated to XMI, which should now neatly load any number of files you specify with a <load> element (similar to an action, but it can’t hold variable changes, only files to be loaded). Continue reading “Project Update: Rolling On”

A Temporary Delay

I was going to switch over to using a new computer the other day, and nobody would have been the wiser had I not run into issues. Long story short, yesterday I had a productive coding session, until the parts for a new machine arrived in the mail. Unfortunately, the day was filled with technical difficulties with these parts (the RAM and the GPU are the only parts that didn’t cause some technical difficulties) so I spent about ten hours today having to do a variety of things to get my computer to boot—which it did for a singular session before something failed. Continue reading “A Temporary Delay”

Approaching 0.1.0

As I write, I’ve just finished up some work on objects for the roller. I hope to be in the testing phase for 0.1.0 by Monday, which will basically entail finishing up the roller. Unfortunately, due to the approaching deadline for my thesis, it’s likely that the project will sit at 0.1.0 for a while as  I continue to build up content. This doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be supporting XMICAE, rather it just means that I’ll be feature freezing and focusing on bug fixes and necessary things to get the players through my content, then (hopefully) return to finish it up a little more once I’ve got more time.

Read past the break for more explanation and the XMICAE roll documentation.

Continue reading “Approaching 0.1.0”