The Secret to Productivity

One of my goals in the past few months has been to become more productive, as this blog certainly shows (I’ve also put Loreshaper Games on steemit which I’ve been doing another daily post for over the last couple days).

There are a few things that I noticed about myself before I got serious about productivity. I had a hard time keeping up on projects, really working in fits and starts more than any disciplined manner. If I didn’t work in the way I planned, I just sort of gave up for the day (I still struggle with this a little). I had given up on my old habit of just turning off my internet for 50 minutes (I don’t do a whole hour on the timer, because I’ll typically pause the timer and go have a cup of water or the like and do a little head-clearing exercise, which brings me to a whole hour).

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Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: Pet a Cat When You Encounter One on the Street

Wrapping up the 12th chapter of Jordan B. Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos (Amazon Affiliate link) feels a little surreal, because I’ve now been going through it for almost a month or so. It’s been quite a long journey, and I’ve been trying to apply some of the tips that Peterson gives to my life.

And, not too surprisingly given the feedback he’s gotten on the internet, many of them work. Some of them overlap with things I already did and knew about, but where I have made an intentional effort to pursue the objectives laid out in the 12 Rules I can see immediate improvement in my outlook and performance.

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Mechanical Keyboards: Pros and Cons

I’ve been using mechanical keyboards for a while now, and I want to quickly write up my observations on them. They’re quite fascinating and I love the tactile feedback and responsiveness they provide, and the nice solid construction they have that most membrane keyboards lack.

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Sample Gear from Hammercalled: Armor and Weapons

I’ve said for a while now I was going to make some sample gear from Hammercalled, and I mean it. This post will illustrate a handful of different options that people have in creating gear, both at early-game and late-game power levels.

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New Computer

Got my new computer set up finally. This puts a little dent in my work, as my last computer is temporarily inoperable due to a mechanical issue and as such I didn’t get the luxury of having a lot of time to get everything over.

On the up-side, almost everything I use is on the cloud, with the biggest pain being fonts right now, and I’ve used few in my recent projects. LibreOffice is installed on the new computer, as well as all the other tools of the trade. This post’s going to be short because the new computer stuff has taken up a fair amount of my time, and I haven’t been able to get any other stuff done.

Hammercalled should be progressing on schedule for playtests in early April. The velotha’s flock supplement is suffering a little, but it’ll get caught up soon enough.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 First Impressions

I got the sequel for Divinity: Original Sin today, and I was struck by how much it has changed from the original without feeling different (which, given how fantastic the first was, is a good thing in my book).

In particular, I remember noticing that there weren’t many of the hassles I complained about in the first game, so I figured that writing down some of my impressions would be a good place to start.

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Introducing The Ashen King

I’ve mentioned the Ashen King before, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone into detail about it.

When I start working on a setting, I write a short pitch for it. This isn’t necessarily final or binding, but it’s just a hook to get my ideas organized around:

When the war with the machines began, one man knew what had to be done. Sacrificing everything, he mounted a defense, and when the ash began to fall he crowned himself. That was too long ago for memory. Now Ignacius sits on his throne, watching the world return to the way it was, vibrant once more. But weeds have sprung up where there was was civilization, and his rule is fragile like his ancient frame.

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Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life, Rule 11: Do Not Bother Children When They Are Skateboarding

For those of us just joining me, I’ve been reading Jordan B. Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos (Amazon Affiliate link). The core lesson in the 11th chapter of Peterson’s book is a little different from the title, and I’ll probably spend more time trying to unpack the points rather than giving a blow-by-blow of Peterson’s argumentation.

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