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March Status Update

I’ve been meaning to get better about blog communication stuff, and this will be the place I do so. I’ve got a number of projects underway right now, and some I’ve got brewing in my head and I may or may not start once I get stuff done.

Before I get started, I’d like to point out that working on multiple projects is a good thing for me right now; I write whenever I have a good idea or inspiration for design, which means that individual projects grow a little more slowly, but mechanics get more polish and I have much greater net productivity.

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Street Rats Alpha 3 Released

Street Rats is now in Alpha 3! This update isn’t the largest update ever in Street Rats’ history, but it has some of the largest reaching effects on gameplay and is a marked improvement. There’s not much in the way of new features, but play has been improved significantly. Since you’re probably already privvy to the changelog if you own it on DriveThruRPG, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to you if you don’t yet, since it’s pretty much simple improvement stuff going on.

For more commentary and explanations, read on after the break.

You can get the core rulebook over at DriveThruRPG:

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Revising Hacking in Street Rats

Street Rats has actually been seeing updates the past couple weeks, despite me not posting about them here. Part of the reason for this is because there haven’t been a whole ton of progress on bits that I consider particularly interesting, more just on things that have to get done to get a finished  game out. There have been some adjustments in plans. First, most of the setting is getting cut from the main book; some brief blurbs will be available, but Phoenix in the UAS will be the only setting place to get wide coverage. I want to keep Street Rats’ total running length below 300 pages, and something had to be cut.

One of the other things getting “cut” is the hacking rules as they stand. Right now they are not only bulky, but they’re too similar to other games on the market that have widespread problems on account of… their hacking systems. Hacking should be both a robust experience and a quick one, so it is getting new and exceptional mechanics; this puts it a little outside the rest of Street Rats, but when dealing with cyberspace such things are necessary.

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Street Rats Alpha 2.0 Released

Keeping on course with the weekly update schedule I’ve been attempting, Street Rats Alpha 2.0 has been released. If you’ve been playing Street Rats already, you might wind up having (or wanting) to remake your character, as there have been significant changes to the character creation process and some of the Duties have been tweaked and rebalanced. More after the break.

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Street Rats Alpha 1.1

Street Rats Alpha 1.1 has arrived. It’s been a frantic week, but we’ve been able to do some things, including setting up a nice new forum which should make us a little more open to people and have our own little corner of the web, but mostly revolving around a pretty nice changelog (if I may say so myself). A lot of the things that really cheesed me off about the state that I released Alpha 1.0 in have been fixed (note that I try to release something every December 24th, which is why it was released as it was.

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Street Rats: Alpha 1.0 Released!

Good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone! I am pleased to announce and officially publish the alpha version of Street Rats, a cyberpunk roleplaying game that I’ve been working on for the past few months.

The year is 2098. As humanity prepares to move into the 22nd century, it must come to terms with the horrors and splendors of the 21st century. Nuclear war, the creation of digital sentient “life”, international identification databases, and the rise of corporations and secret societies behind the scenes have shaped the tide of world events.

Street Rats uses a core mechanic with a d20 and margins of success and failure, combining rapid single-die play with a hybrid class-based and point-buy system and quick lifepath character creation: you can get ready to play in a matter of minutes!

Download links after the break.

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2014 in Review, and Plans for 2015

It’s the end of 2014, and I’ve fallen behind on the blog (again) because of taking some teacher certification tests. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to everything I planned to do this year, though there are some exciting things I did get done as well as things that will be going on.

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Project Update: The Future

Okay, I recognize that I haven’t been exactly the best about keeping up on things in the blog; most of this is because life is kind of hectic right now with stuff that is going on, and I’ve got a lot of other writing that I’ve been doing that gets in the way of my time. Fortunately, I defend my thesis/creative project on the 14th (the one I made XMICAE for), and that will open me up for a variety of fun and interesting endeavors. I’ve got a lot of other stuff that will make updating at my normal pace difficult for a while, but by mid-December I should be back to three weekly posts, and maybe four (I’m no longer a reviewer at DriveThruRPG, so reviews may not be a weekly thing). Continue reading

Back From the Dead

I’ve been really bad about updating this blog, so here’s a brief overview of things that I’ve had going on:

I’ve been working on a number of tiny side projects, none of which have ever really been taken to fruition; d20m was a hybrid modular d20 system that I need to polish up a bit and then release the core elements of, and The Gods Left Them, which is a post-apocalyptic science-fiction game that needs a setting rewrite. I was also doing a weekly video game stream, but lack of time really began to interfere with that and I stopped doing it.

The main thing I have to show for the time since I last wrote is my honors project, which has continued along more or less as planned, though a little more slowly than I would have liked because of class. I’m still using XMICAE, with all the slowness that comes with that, but I’ve made a couple of improvements to the code and stability. I plan to release XMICAE 0.1.1 eventually, though I don’t feel comfortable with releasing all my content to the public until after I defend my thesis (just to make sure that people know it’s mine). If you’re interested in seeing its current state, though, you can check out

Finally, over this weekend I made a mockup of a game, tentatively titled “The Inky Depths”. It’s a steampunk tactical game with roleplaying elements, plus giant mech suits and a needlessly complex system. I’m including its 72-hour build here, and I hope to eventually polish it and put it up on 1km1kt (as it stands it’s not really “finished”), but this is its “rough draft” if you will. The Inky Depths Rough Draft can be downloaded here. The main changes that will come in the upcoming days are to fix some things that came as a result of deadlines (I was going to do this as an early entry for 1km1kt’s 24-hour competition, but it dragged out to about 72 hours of time and 16 man-hours of work (which should be a testament to just how messy my weekend was),

Project Update: XMICAE 0.1.0

XMICAE 0.1.0 has undergone some testing and finishing, and I have to say that I’m happy with where it has come. The roll system should work fine, so a lot of what remains is going through and putting in some end of life support for the platform and whatnot. This means documentation writing, which shouldn’t be too horrifying, as well as cleaning up my production folder. I’ll leave all my test files in there so that people can mess around with them if anyone wanted to extend/learn from XMICAE. Continue reading