To Monetize or not to Monetize

I’m working on a game on Story Nexus called Orchestra, after the tabletop game of the same name that I made a year and a half ago or so and I’m currently redesigning the rule set for.

My biggest issue coming up is whether or not to monetize the game, and if so how. Obviously I need some more content before I can monetize solely on the criteria of action refreshes (StoryNexus mandates the use of an action pool, which helps since I don’t have super huge amounts of content), and it is not very polished in the grand scheme of things, something which I am working on as I do a partial rewrite of mostly unreleased and still-on-a-notepad content (the tutorial and several of the not-quite-finished things are always sources of irritation to me), as well as the first Metamorphysis (one of the factions in-game) story mission. Continue reading “To Monetize or not to Monetize”

Hello World!

This is where I’ll be doing my updates for a variety of projects, and it’ll serve as a good way to get in touch with what I’m working on when one project or another doesn’t update for a while.

Right now I’m working on three things that will be important in the long run in the scheme of my projects:

  • Orchestra on StoryNexus
  • 1-800 Regime Change, a tabletop game
  • An unnamed Orchestra short story/miniature novella

I’ll be posting updates here as things go along.