About Kyle

Kyle is a writer with an interest in a variety of things, including most importantly game mechanics design and educational gaming.

Homoeoteleuton is his personal brand for content creation. There are surprisingly many Kyles in the world, and rather than merely stamp his signature on something he wanted something that could be found as easily as 14-letter Greek words meaning “transcription error” can.

In addition, he runs Loreshaper Games, a company dedicated to free, high-quality games.

This blog serves as a home for his general musing on games, their design, and storytelling. He has also written for Stuffer Shack. He is available for freelance writing.

One thought on “About Kyle”

  1. Hey! If you guys have any interest in TTRPG’s with a cyberpunk theme but I’ve launched a kickstarter for a powered by the apocalypse world with cyberpunk in mind. Be grateful if you check it out. Thank you !

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