Homebrew Creations

Since I’ve made a few things over the years that I’m quite proud of and that I want to give a little more attention, I’m going to link to my three largest homebrew creations: An Ultimate’s Guide To Combat, Ned’s Morph Overhaul, and Degenesis: Artifacts.

The first two, An Ultimate’s Guide to Combat and Ned’s Morph Overhaul both are additions to Eclipse Phase.

An Ultimate’s Guide to Combat is presented simultaneously as an in-universe tactical document and a collection of augmentations, gear, and expanded rules to give Eclipse Phase’s combat a kick in the pants. With as many weapons as the entire core product line, it gives some nice versatility and flexibility to Eclipse Phase encounters that keep sentinels and their enemies guessing.

Ned’s Morph Overhaul is a smaller modification that includes an alternate morph creation system for Eclipse Phase (that provides results closer to the morphs in the core rulebook than the morph creation system in Transhuman), as well as a handful of new morphs and morph traits that allow more flexibility in morph design.

Degenesis: Artifacts is an unofficial supplement for Degenesis, a post-apocalyptic “primal punk” roleplaying game. Expanding on rules, content, and the universe of Degenesis, it provides new options for characters, more gear, enhanced weapon modification rules, pre-made NPCs and beasts, and a handful of house-rules in one coherent document.

All of these projects were created in LibreOffice, and have been a mixture of an expression of appreciation for great games and an exercise in flexing my game design muscle and skills in adding to the existing content of games and designing large documents in LibreOffice.