Enjoying the Simple Things

Tonight as I try to get some writing done, I figured that I should write something a little more personal and introspective, since I’m doing most of my stuff for Loreshaper Games over at steemit.

As I’ve gotten more disciplined in how I live my life, I’ve found that it’s important to make time for the simple things. Increasing the amount of moderation with which I have lived my life has made the everyday things more significant and more meaningful.

Now, when I consume, it is not part of a routine but rather a privilege granted by my own hard work and self-discipline. It’s changed the whole reward cycle in my life.

I’ve been particularly struck by the idea of tea recently. I’ve been drinking a lot of tea over the past three years, and while I’ve slowly shifted to herbal teas (I still drink a good Earl Grey from time to time, and it’s more of a practical “I want to sleep well” than any sort of proscription that justified my shift), I’m struck by how much meaning even a simple thing can bring.

I’ve mentioned earlier that I believe that the world is designed to be enjoyed. There are so many great things that are all around us, waiting for an attentive audience. We get so lost and busy in our daily routines that we forget to look for them, just as we need them the most in the chaos and confusion.

If I have any authority to make suggestions in other peoples’ lives, I’d start with this: have a cup of tea (not expensive, fancy, sugary tea, just a plain cup of tea from a bag), or pet a cat, or watch a sunset.

You’d be surprised at how little the wonder of Creation can cost.

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