Goals (April 2-April 8)

Last week was productive in the form of a series of articles on archetypes over on steemit, but many of my original goals were not met, in part because of that shifted focus. With that said, I feel good about the things I got done.

Here’s the new goals:

velotha’s flock advanced guide (Priority 1)

This project is almost finished, and it’s time to get serious and push it out the door. Hammercalled’s close enough that it will probably get some attention at the end of the week, but velotha’s flock needs attention now.

  • Rules for angels and demons (not playable characters!) [70%?]
  • Pre-made characters (some finished, some sketched out, some need to be started)

I had hoped for this to go out Friday last week, then Saturday, then Sunday. I’m thinking I’ll almost certainly finish it by Wednesday, if I stay diligent. Some of the parts took more time than I expected.

Hammercalled (Priority 2)

We’re releasing Segira on the 6th and the Rules Reference on the 7th. We just have a few things left to do for that:

  • Finish vehicles
  • Segira gear (should be fairly simple)
  • Segira vehicles
  • GM section and pre-made NPCs.

I think this will be pretty easily accomplished. While Segira is a streamlined version of the rules (e.g. no gear/vehicle creation) I think it still offers a definitive slice of life, and might be a tool to show how publishers could use the system to create an adaptation of a particular setting.

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