Goals (April 9-April 15)

I’ve been keeping up my output over on steemit. I’ve also made some good progress on things, which I’d like to quickly highlight.

First, the Hammercalled Rules Reference is out. This is the first public playtesting document for Hammercalled intended for general use, and it’s also a tool intended to allow people to make their own game using the Hammercalled ruleset.

Second, all of the advanced guide for velotha’s flock is done except for the sample characters and a quick editing pass before it’s out for testing (that means a public release, for free!)

Without further ado, here’s what I’m working on:

velotha’s flock advanced guide (Priority 1)

Well, this has been keeping sliding, and I’ve really got just myself to blame. I have started a side-project in the form of reference sheets for character creation, which will help with the final task (I’ve been doing a lot of document hopping, which should now be over).

The only remaining task before this is ready for a quick kick out the door for testing is to put the pre-made characters in.

  • Pre-made characters (some finished, some sketched out, some need to be started)

I’m going to stop spouting deadlines I can’t meet and just say it’s coming soon (weekend?).

Dangnabit I’m bad at not opening my mouth.

Hammercalled Settings (Priority 2)

The Rules Reference is out now, and there are still things that need to be tweaked, changed, and expanded. For now, however, my first goals are two-fold.


Segira is going to be an experimental subset of the rules intended to strip things down a lot for really quick and easy play. I’m contemplating removing the Thresholds (they’re a bother) in favor of having defense simply be tied to non-combat attributes.

Segira gear and vehicles will not be too hard, since there are already some of those things done in the Rules Reference.

Disclosure: I got zilch done for Segira last week.

The Ashen King

Really, the main focus here is worldbuilding, because I think I can pretty much plop the extant rules into The Ashen King word-for-word then edit some references in and add some stuff after the fact.

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