Loreshapers 2015 Competition Results Posted!

Let me take a moment to apologize for dropping off the radar for so long. I have now officially graduated, and the whirlwind of chaos that has been the past year has subsided. In this moment, I am pleased to announce the results for the Loreshapers 2015 competition, as well as leave a subtle hint about something significant coming up in the next couple weeks.

Without further ado, the full text of the announcement can be found below, or over at Loreshapers.

My apologies to everyone; it has been a long time since the last update. I permitted life to get in the way of updates, but now I have returned with updates after a long absence.

First, I would like to formally thank everyone who participated. We had six people enter a total of five games. I am happy with all the results, and glad that the competition inspired people to write great games.

Second, I would like to apologize for the incredible delay. The plan was for results to be posted by the end of March, and that obviously did not happen.

The judges’ votes have been decided, and the results are as follows:

In the 72-hour category, the winning game is They Walk Among Us, by Tamás “Evil Scientist” Kisbali and “ViC/jeSter”. The overall consensus of the judges was that it delivered great consistency across all the scoring categories.

In the 24-hour category, the winning game is Empty Roads, by Tamás “Evil Scientist” Kisbali. As with They Walk Among Us, Kisbali delivered a well-rounded game with an eye for detail.

Congratulations to our winners and to all the entrants! I will be contacting the winners shortly.

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