Next Week’s Goals (March 12-18)

Because I often find myself sort of directionless throughout the week, I often have thought about making a short checklist of the week’s goals. Since i also want to increase my transparency with my audience, I figured I’d share the items on that list that pertain to Loreshapers and this blog.

I’m also going to go through and add markers to each of the points that I finish up over the course of the week.

So, with that said, let’s get to the list:

Formally respond to velotha’s flock playtest feedback from yesterday.

  1. Do an analysis of the characters the players made (and my math?)
  2. Follow up with players with more specific questions.
  3. Fix some formatting things that players brought up. [check]

Improve GM section for velotha’s flock (part of the playtest thing). [check]

Finish going over the new archetypes and exile clans for the velotha’s flock advanced guide. [nope]

Finish example characters (or at least standard korakthropes, since I have a few days next week that I need something to do during) [nope]

Add more art to velotha’s flock core. [added more woodcuts. need to do sidebar poems]

velotha’s flock v3: Friday? [Saturday]

Start putting relevant and new Hammercalled rules into the post-apocalyptic setting/playtest’s document file. [check, even more than expected]

Finalize Hammercalled logo? Probably still a while off. But it’s not too early to work on it. [Made a little progress]

Facebook/Twitter updates: probably 1 Facebook and 2 Tweets, at least. [does last-minute posting count? if so then check, if not then nope]

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