Project Update: What I’ve Been Up To

I haven’t been particularly productive recently, in part because I’ve been traveling, which has both the added busy factor of spending a lot of time in transit and away from my computer but also the fact that I am now in California, where more stuff that I am allergic to grows. Fortunately, I am surviving, but I’ve been somewhat unproductive.

Most of my work that I’ve been doing comes in the conceptualizing/planning department, which is largely focused on figuring out a less awkward way to feed data into my rolling system. I’ve also been looking at a variety of research material, both for coding and the historical side of my project, which makes it a little less intimidating.

This so-called week has mostly been centered around the study of Romanesque castles, since that’s one of the more universal parts of medieval Europe and something that Poland shares with the rest of Europe. I found a trio of books by the Gieses at my local secondhand bookstore back home, and while they all look at English life more than Polish life, there is a large degree of overlap between the two cultures (more so than one might immediately suspect, especially if one listens to the intentionally inaccurate German portrayals of Polish life). In any case, I’ve been making good progress on research but really need to get the coding side back into gear. Content creation has been coming along well, and I’ve been working on the first vestiges of what might turn into an interface for XMICAE-managed content creation, though this is more on the XML side than on the PHP that would power such an application.

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