Switching the Model

Some people may have noticed that I’ve been doing daily posts. This is really nice, but it’s not terribly sustainable, especially as full-time school starts up again and I need to worry more about writing massive essays and working on my honors thesis. I’m going to switch to a three-post per week system, and here’s what you can expect:

  • Monday: Game Design
  • Wednesday: Project Update
  • Friday: Table Reflection
  • Sunday: Extra!

Monday’s posts will be about games and what works and doesn’t from a design perspective. They may focus on mechanics, tabletop games, video games, or really anything. For example, this would be my recent “Learning from Dungeons and Dragons Online” series.

Wednesday’s posts will be about something I’m working on-this isn’t to say that other things won’t touch on my own things, especially Monday’s posts, but this will be more like my analyses of Dust Watch and Orchestra (not to mention 1-800 Regime Change).

Friday’s posts will be reflections upon my personal tabletop experiences. I’ll share a short anecdote, and what can be learned from it. On rare occasions, I’ll bring in some generic game thing that didn’t come up at my table in play, but which my players and I debated (such as the Shadowrun squirt-gun wars that have themselves spurred on many debates).

Sunday’s posts will be essentially whatever I feel like, just to break up the monotony of the week. They’re not necessarily a weekly thing, but either are a plug for something I enjoyed recently, or something I’ve been thinking about outside of game design, or even just a link to a cat video on YouTube. The possibilities are endless.

I’ve got some queued up content, so don’t expect to see this right away, but I hope to transition over to this new system by the 17th at the latest.

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