Reflections on Writing

I haven’t been keeping up my practice writing posts, though I do plan to get back to them soon, because I’ve been busy with a lot of other projects and it doesn’t make sense to spend too much time on deliberate practice when you are already spending pretty much 100% of your creative effort on the real deal. Of course, practice helps keep people sharp, but I have been pushing myself to my limits with the work that I’ve been doing for my degree and for some game competitions that I’ve been working on, so believe me when I say that I have indeed been keeping sharp.

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Reflections on Montaigne: Part 1

I have been loosely interested in the works of Montaigne for a while (i.e. I knew of his name), but I was not yet ready to read them for myself; I just hadn’t worked up the interest and have a lot of other stuff on my reading list.

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