SR5 Character Sheet

Here’s some stuff I did for Shadowrun Fifth Edition. Do note that I am not affiliated with Catalyst Game Labs, The Topps Company, or Microsoft; I provide these simply as a game assistant for people who want to run a Shadowrun campaign using digital PDF’s.

Kyle’s Form Fillable SR5 Character Sheet

This character sheet is made for Shadowrun Fifth Edition, and is merely the official character sheet with form-fillable entries added in. You may need to use certain readers to save edited versions of this PDF.

Shadowrun 5th Form Fillable Character Sheet V2

This character sheet expands upon my earlier form fillable sheet by adding in automatic calculations of limits and some other simple values; notice that not everything is automatically calculated based on size and comprehensibility concerns, and I approach Lift/Carry differently than Catalyst does (rather than provide the carrying capacities, I provide the dice rolled to lift/carry). If you need an example, I recreated Silver from the character creation section of the core rulebook.

Shadowrun 5th Form Fillable Character Sheet V2.1

This version of the character sheet is slightly expanded to allow more spell storage and a second vehicle, as well as more adept powers.

Shadowrun 5th Form Fillable Character Sheet Version 2.2

Newer sheet now calculates initiative and has usability improvements. The third page was made marginally more pretty, and a good deal more legible.

Shadowrun 5th Form Fillable Character Sheet Version 2.5a

Includes a fully filled third page as well as the wonder that is essence calculation for cyberware, plentiful space for spells, augmentations, and powers, a second vehicle section, and the ability to apply changes to your basic physical attributes. Basically, it’s better than ever, guaranteed.

Unfortunately, due to family related issues, I can’t really continue to help all that much with the stuff that I’ve got up here, but you can download the sources and read a tutorial on modifying the sheets here.

Disclaimer: Some of the stuff on this page is made using freely distributed copyrighted material. I believe that the versions I present count as “personal use”, as they do not in any way compete with the official sources, instead expanding upon them. If you are a copyright owner and wish to have something removed, contact me at [email protected].

13 thoughts on “SR5 Character Sheet”

  1. Thank you for the sheets.
    Are you still working on version 3? If so, are you planning to add more room for contacts?

    Thanks again!

    1. Actually, I was about to make an announcement that some stuff came up and I don’t have the time to keep working on anything past V2.5a; the sheet really requires what amounts to several hours of work on my behalf to get it working in top-notch condition, and I just don’t see having that much before I go back to school and still keeping up other things. I took a week’s sabbatical after finishing 2.5a to try to evaluate it again from a more objective perspective (since I had, after all, just finished working on it), and then last week some family issues came up and I have to evaluate what I’m going to keep doing and stop doing.

      I’m actually readying up for releasing the source, and I hope to record a quick video of what I do when making the sheets in Scribus so that people can expand them.

  2. If you are going to release the source I would definitely be interested in seeing it. I like your sheets but I want to tweak some of the fields and fonts.

    I haven’t used Scribus but I’d be interested in learning. The version of Adobe Pro I use for my sheets is a bit out of date (version 9) and as a result it has some issues with tab order that constantly infuriate me. I will happily share anything I tweak with the public and gladly give credit to you as the original sheet author.

    I just want good character sheets for my own G+ game 😉

    1. I’ve already released the source; check the bottom of the page right above the thing.

      I’m working on a project called Orchestra, an action-cyberpunk Lovecraftian game, and I’ll release the source for the character sheets for that once I’m done in such a way that it’ll be immediately obvious how to replicate them; as is this isn’t going to be worth much more than just extending the SR5 sheets.

      Tab order’s really tricky in Scribus-as you may notice if you tab through this one, I accidentally made it tab over to a weapon instead of going straight down the left column; it’s based on z-order within the layer, so while it’s easy to understand it’s also really hard to modify once you’ve got it set up.

      1. Ahhh, cool!

        And damnit about the tab order. In Adobe it’s easy enough to change – it just changes it for you again if you move a field AT ALL :\

        I’ll give Scribus a shot, and thanks!

        1. Yeah, the nice thing about it in Scribus is that it’s set regardless of whether or not you mess around with a field again, so you don’t have to worry about getting them all jumbled.

      2. Hmmm – looking at it more closely – your tab order is actually quite usable (unlike anything Adobe does with tab order). All I really want to do is scale some of the text fields down so they don’t overlap so much and tweak some fonts to my own tastes.

        On a scale of 1-10 how hard would that be with a basic knowledge of Scribus?

        (I’m willing to start putting in some time on Scribus if it’s relatively doable) 🙂

        1. Scaling the text fields is easy, just drag the box around; messing with the fonts is a little more weird, because that requires some technicalities on the PDF form-fillable fields, though the actual changing the original fonts from the sheet underneath can’t be done unless you go and find their source for the .pdf; Scribus won’t import a .pdf in an editing-friendly manner. Of course, you could take the same .pdf into Inkscape, set up your fonts there, then save and export, which works pretty much the same but you won’t have searchable text.

    1. Unfortunately, it looks like they’re using Adobe Acrobat, which isn’t really known for being very friendly to Scribus. That said, if there weren’t a clunky registration process (why is it that forums always have the hardest registrations?) I’d go in and point out that it’s possible to add a fudge-the-numbers box to permit both automatic calculations and efficient house rules.

      I’m also unlikely to update this sheet very much, because even though I’d like to I don’t really have the time, especially with Ostravia picking up. It is, however, open-source, and my calculations should be compatible with Acrobat if they want to have a look at them and see how I do things.

    1. Looks amazing! I love the fact that you’re actually able to have enough ammunition use check boxes to account for most (if not all) of the weapons in the game, and still have space for modifications and so forth.

      1. Is there anyway that you could turn this into a form fillable version.
        I would like to get this out to the Shadowrun community.

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