This Week’s Goals (March 19-25)

This is just a quick overview of my  goals for this week. I’ve actually gotten a lot of stuff done already today, so I’ll be putting in some stuff that’s already done too. velotha’s flock v3 was released last week too (and on schedule, though there were a couple more things I am probably going to tweak).

Hammercalled (Priority 1)

Working hard on getting Hammercalled ready for playtests to begin anew in two or three weeks. This week’s goals:

  • Vehicles in Hammercalled [partial]
  • Start work on formally writing out The Ashen King setting: the four main factions/regions in the game world. [check]
  • Make Hammercalled gear examples.
  • Hammercalled test character creation for more than one example character.
  • Do the math and make sure weapons don’t get more damage from some Qualities than they’re supposed to (tweak Quality costs?)

Upside: Hammercalled is like three weeks ahead of schedule.

velotha’s flock advanced guide (Priority 2)

I think I’ve said something about wanting to push this out in two days, but that’s probably a pipe dream, especially with more work on Hammercalled (I’ve gotten about 11k words slapped together for Hammercalled, and a good portion of that is original writing and needs editing)

Here’s what needs to be finished before release:

  • Mortal characters [check]
  • New archetypes (outlined in document already, some finished) [partial]
  • New clans (done, but needs editing) [check, will still get another edit pass]
  • Rules for making angels and demons (not playable characters!)
  • Rules for character advancement (mentally outlined)
  • Pre-made characters (some finished, some sketched out, some need to be started)

I don’t think that’s unachievable, but it’s going to be an adventure. I peg it at probably 20 man-hours of work, and I haven’t had a chance to test like I’d normally like since I’ve procrastinated this stuff on account of Hammercalled. I’m gonna devote all of tomorrow to it, and see how it turns out. Then I’ll move back to a more balanced workload Wednesday.

Segira (Free Time)

So I had a thought: I’ve been perpetually aborting Segira whenever I hit early production because I keep hating the system.

I might try and make a Hammercalled-Lite version of Segira, something that will have fast and quick mechanics (I want Segira to be ~35 pages or so) and allow me to get some feedback on parts of the system before the whole is finished.

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