velotha’s flock release and Moving On

velotha’s flock is “released”, though it’s not yet populated on any of the official distribution channels yet. I need to put more stuff up on DriveThruRPG to get officially approved to just post stuff instantly of my own accord, so we’re potentially going to see some stuff go up there in future days.

With that said, I want to give a brief overview of what my future plans are, before retiring to bed at a halfway decent time for once.

The next big step for the projects I’m working on is “Oskan’s Prophet”, the prelude novel to The Legacy of Eight. The Legacy of Eight is not yet really on the roadmap, since it comes after Hammercalled, but I’ve got some rough sketches for what the game will be like. It’ll actually be a full product line with associated products, but that includes ambitions I’m not ready to go into yet (and a lot of that depends on the success of other projects).

I posted the rough draft of the first half of the novella on Wattpad, but it’s changing significantly between then and publication. There are a couple reasons for this, but the crux of it comes down to figuring out how to tell a good story while fitting into a larger canon that largely ignores the minor events but requires a couple major events to happen.

Continuing to test and improve velotha’s flock is a major thing I’m going to look forward to, but it’s not my #1 priority. I feel like it’s pretty strong as it is in many ways, but that it’s also a niche passion project that is very much going to depend on the tastes of the person reading or playing it. It’s not like Hammercalled, where it will be possible to create a game with broader market appeal.

From here on out, I’ll be burning really quick to try and finish the novella, then get it through editing as quickly as possible. Once that’s done, I’m on to Hammercalled.

I really want to finish Segira, but I also have to balance that with other needs. I’m really feeling Segira as maybe a super-light or alternative style game, but I don’t have a good idea for where that’ll go.

We’ll see.

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