velotha’s flock Week 2 Update

velotha’s flock is now live on DriveThruRPG! It actually has been for a few days, but I… kind of forgot that I never linked to it here. Such is life, I guess.

Because velotha’s flock is “complete, but in progress” I figured I’d give a quick status update on the things that I’m changing/adding to the game, as well as other plans for velotha’s flock that should see fruition soon.

So the first thing is obviously changes to the core rulebook itself. I added footer page numbers, because that’s obviously kind of helpful if you want to play in print (which, by the way, velotha’s flock may one day be available in, fingers crossed).

However, it’s also just nice because it lends some professionalism and moves us further from the in-progress look. I’ve prepared some page borders that I’ll probably run past people before putting in the final thing, but it’s a start. I want the final cover to maintain the simplicity of the in-progress cover, but not really look quite so sparse, so I’m probably going to update it to be a black background with gold content. That’s a long way out.

In the short term, I added some narrative poems to each section of the book, serving as a sort of chapter break. They help to draw players and GMs into the world of velotha’s flock by telling the tale of a raven lost in the world.

I’m also going to try to do another proofreading pass and have other people look at it, though I haven’t gotten much feedback yet on the game itself. One thing I’ve already done is add a hits suffered spot to the character sheet. This enables characters to track the Hits that their character has taken, which seems like kind of a big deal.

I’ve also started work on the character portfolio for velotha’s flock. A GM’s tool primarily, it also includes rules for more potentially unbalanced characters.

Mortals make their appearance as playable characters, as do exile clans, korakthropes with unique abilities and weaknesses.

The character portfolio also features several new archetypes, though many of these are derivatives of existing archetypes.

Three new clans, twelve new archetypes, and mortals greatly increase the number of opportunities for players looking for a more distinctive character.

The character portfolio also includes rules for character advancement, which is something that I didn’t include in the core rulebook for length considerations and because I didn’t want velotha’s flock to focus on long overarching campaigns.

Character advancement will feature a list of perks that may be taken to advance characters, as well as rules for how to advance statistics and the like.

It will also feature rules for adapting the tarot die to the d20, to give people a little more flexibility in designing characters that don’t immediately hit the ceiling on ability. It also features rules for playing with playing cards, because that’s fun too.

Last but not least, the character portfolio will feature twelve pre-made characters and a selection of common threats to allow the GM and players to sit down and start playing without further prep.

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