Review: WizDice’s Cup of Plenty

I got a Cup of Plenty (Amazon affiliate link) as a small gift for my brother as a sort of no-obligation present.

Of course, being a dice addict, I also got one for myself. Who wouldn’t, after all?I am not disappointed.

On opening the package, I found two nice looking papercraft boxes (though I wouldn’t put them up to sustained travel), each with a Cup of Plenty ribbon around them that contains the barcode and contact info for the manufacturer.

Each box contains a dice cup and five sets of dice. If I had one gripe with the dice, it would be that the only really unique set of dice in the box is the Forbidden Treasure set, a white-and-gold affair that was the reason I purchased the Cup of Plenty in the first place.

My sets all roll well. My brother discovered after he had left town to go back to his usual affairs following the holidays that one of the sets had something wrong with it (I believe there was an additional die in place of a d12), but he ordered a couple more Cups of Plenty for his gaming group. At least one of those had a similar issue, but he was not disappointed. At the price point these are great dice, and the rolling cup is wonderful.

Also of note is the Cup of Wonder, which I ordered a copy of since it looks promising.

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