Approaching 0.1.0

As I write, I’ve just finished up some work on objects for the roller. I hope to be in the testing phase for 0.1.0 by Monday, which will basically entail finishing up the roller. Unfortunately, due to the approaching deadline for my thesis, it’s likely that the project will sit at 0.1.0 for a while as  I continue to build up content. This doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be supporting XMICAE, rather it just means that I’ll be feature freezing and focusing on bug fixes and necessary things to get the players through my content, then (hopefully) return to finish it up a little more once I’ve got more time.

Read past the break for more explanation and the XMICAE roll documentation.

Here’s a brief overview of how rolls are going to mechanically work, which is largely old news, but so is progress on this code:

The roll object is a wrapper for both XMI and action ID’s. Normally these are POSTed independently by XMI actions, but since rolls have several at the same time I POST just the roll’s ID and then it gathers the appropriate prompt IDs from that. The roll object also handles data relating to the roll; a text string to be displayed when it’s time to do the roll and the numbers and function that they go into. I believe that my code for the object fully implements everything I need for the current roll documentation. The rollObject class has default __construct values that are hardcoded for ABACUS, but it should generally be fed its full dataset whenever it is created (even if the arrays being given for IDs are empty).

The remaining work on the roll side is on XMI and the roller itself; the roller itself just calls a couple functions (get data from the object, run the resulting function) and loads the next page(s) accordingly, so it should be relatively simple, but the important part is the XMI, which is nearing test-ready. As such, I expect to have good news about 0.1.0 next time I update, which is tentatively going to be Wednesday. The XMI part closely resembles the code for an action, but results in a significantly different final format; the challenge that remains is just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s in order to make sure that everything is working correctly before I release the next version so that there are no spontaneous fires of doom. I’m not feeling my best this week, so hopefully I’ll get a second wind over the weekend to make up for a busy Fourth and a generally frustrating rate of progress this week.

Here’s the current XMICAE roll documentation, available as a PDF.

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