Goals (March 26-April 1)

Okay, here’s a quick overview of our goals for this week. I didn’t get as much stuff done last week as I’d hoped, so I’ve gotten started by just copy-pasting the stuff from last week. Finished or postponed things are removed for now.

Hammercalled (Priority 1)

Hammercalled’s first official semi-public playtests are set to begin April 7, so we’ll see how it’s going. I’m postponing some work on the setting to really focus on the core mechanics.

  • Vehicles in Hammercalled [partial]
  • Make Hammercalled gear examples. [check]
  • Hammercalled test character creation for more than one example character.
  • Do the math and make sure weapons don’t get more damage from some Qualities than they’re supposed to (tweak Quality costs?) [check; didn’t need any changes]
  • GM section and pre-made NPCs.

Upside: Hammercalled is like three weeks ahead of schedule.

velotha’s flock advanced guide (Priority 2)

Last week I spent less time on velotha’s flock than I meant to, but I’m still closer to finished.

Here’s what needs to be finished before release:

  • Finish off the new archetypes [check]
  • Rules for making angels and demons (not playable characters!)
  • Rules for character advancement (mentally outlined) [now like 50% done]
  • Pre-made characters (some finished, some sketched out, some need to be started)

I’m aiming to release Friday, maybe? [Saturday on steemit, then we’ll see when it’ll be polished enough to put on DriveThruRPG]

Segira (Free Time)


I started on this, then had a nasty LibreOffice crash. Will get back to work on it later, but right now the core Hammercalled rules need to be further developed.

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