Sample Gear from Hammercalled: Armor and Weapons

I’ve said for a while now I was going to make some sample gear from Hammercalled, and I mean it. This post will illustrate a handful of different options that people have in creating gear, both at early-game and late-game power levels.

A little bit of context: Hammercalled is built on the notion of having gear be a core part of the storytelling and resource management dynamics. This doesn’t preclude GMs from giving players gear in other ways, but it does create the notion of personal items that are special.

Gear is made of “Advances” which come in 1, 2, or 3 point varieties. Spending more points on something at a time allows a better return on investment, and some qualities can only be purchased with multiple qualities from the same source.

Let’s look at the basic statistics here:

Melee Weapon: 4 damage, melee bonuses

Ranged Weapon: 3 damage, can make ranged attacks

Armor: 2 damage reduction

Tools and augmentations have no basic effects, but we’ll describe them later.

Because of the way this works, it is also possible to create “templates”, which are a GM tool used to quickly assemble dynamic gear for NPCs.

Sample Melee Weapons

Broadsword (Melee): 5 damage, Parrying 1 [low-tier starting gear]

The broadsword is a basic weapon for more simple times; while it is not as brutally fierce as some weapons, it can be used to deflect blows and its long blade allows it to easily punish unwary attackers.

Stun Baton (Melee) 4 damage, Stunning (1), Immobilizing (1) [low-tier starting gear]

Capable of keeping foes from resisting arrest or pursuing the target, stun batons are favored in peacekeeping and law enforcement but also in secret operations and crime rings.

Fire Grasp (Melee) 7 damage, Incendiary (1) [high-tier starting gear]

This simple runic spell allows you to project fire and heat from your hands, potentially lighting enemies on fire but always causing grievous burns.

Powerblade (Melee) 4 damage, Overwhelming (2), Armor Piercing (1) [high-tier starting gear]

While it requires an expert master, this weapon courses with energy and can unleash it straight into a target if the user is precise enough to land a devastating blow.

Psi-Reaper (Melee) 10 damage, Multi-Strike (2), Target Threshold: Will (1) [endgame gear]

This psionic amplifier allows the user to project their sheer force of will into a deadly blade that dances between targets at a blistering speed, shattering their minds.

Teleon Assassin Blade (Melee) 4 damage, Exceptionally Deadly (3), Armor Bypassing (3) [endgame gear]

This blade, crafted in the dawn of a new galaxy by the legendary Teleon bladesmiths, defies the very nature of reality, and anything it strikes finds itself pulled toward its ultimate end, the force of decades crashing into their life-force with every blow.

Sample Ranged Weapons

.38 Special (Ranged) 3 Damage, Compact (2) [low-tier starting gear]

This pistol is barely a firearm, but is cheap, small, and a last line of defense wielded by civilians and criminals alike.

Ileni Pulse Rifle (Ranged) 4 Damage, Automatic (1) [low-tier starting gear]

What the Ileni Dominion’s soldiers lack in quality they make up for in quantity, a philosophy shared by this pulse rifle.

Designated Marksman Rifle (Ranged) 6 Damage, Sniper (1) [high-tier starting gear]

This battle rifle fires a large projectile over a long distance, and has been upgraded with precision parts and a scope to make it even more suited for a squad’s marksman.

AT-4 (Ranged) 6 Damage, Anti-Vehicle (1), Blast (2), Limited Supply (-2) [high-tier starting gear]

The AT-4 is specialized for engaging and destroying light armored vehicles, allowing its user to engage ground vehicles at standard engagement range.

Scout Plasma Carbine (Ranged) 6 Damage, Corrosive (1), Compact (1), Armor Defeating (2) [endgame gear]

This plasma weapon is designed to allow Archon advanced scouts to engage in combat with power-armor equipped combatants and come out ahead.

TR-8 Railgun (Ranged) 9 Damage, Sniper (1), Tripod (1), Overwhelming (2), Limited Supply (-2) [endgame gear]

The TR-8 brings the power of vehicle-mounted railguns to a man-portable system. A good hit with the railgun causes massive damage to hard and soft targets.

Sample Armor

Flak Vest: 3 protection, Blast Resistance (1) [low-tier starting gear]

A flak vest consists of a series of synthetic layers intended to stop shrapnel or limit the impact of projectile weapons.

Hazard Suit: 2 protection, All-Environment (2) [low-tier starting gear]

A hazard suit provides protection against extreme and toxic environments, but is not intended for use in combat situations.

Recon Powered Armor: 4 Protection, Mobility Enhanced (1) [high-tier starting gear]

This recon powered armor allows users to chase targets or more easily move at speed in treacherous environments.

Psi-Shell: 4 Protection, Alternate Threshold: Will (1) [high-tier starting gear]

This amplifier for psionic abilities allows the user to project their force of will into a protective bubble.

Full Plate-Mail: 9 Protection, Encumbering (-1) [high-tier starting gear]

Providing top-notch protection, this heavy suit of plate mail goes beyond the standard amount of coverage to protect nearly every angle on its wearer from attack.

ARES Battlesuit: 8 Protection, Impenetrable (3) [endgame gear]

The ARES Battlesuit is a marvel of technology, featuring several layers of advanced composite armor and a suite of energy shields intended to deny attackers’ attempts to use exotic weapons against the wearer.

Aegis Defense Implants: 4 Protection, Active Defenses (1), Phasing (3) [endgame gear]

A series of dermal and subdermal implants combined with augmentations to the user’s nervous system, the Aegis defense implants allow the user to weave space-time around them to avoid incoming attacks.

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