Project Update: Rolling On

XMICAE 0.1.0 is ready for release once I finish a few tasks, namely fixing an issue with the interplay between XMI and the roller (which use separate methodologies) and polishing up the documentation so that it’ll be usable, especially since I went through and changed a lot of the things, and because the roller wound up utilizing only a partial feature set. Notable as well is the fact that I decided not to have the roller have the ability to load files—instead that task is relegated to XMI, which should now neatly load any number of files you specify with a <load> element (similar to an action, but it can’t hold variable changes, only files to be loaded).This is likely going to be the last of my work on XMICAE. It is feature complete enough for me to utilize it for my project, and as my slow and laborious progress has shown it’s coded really poorly. I still plan to work on code, doing a weekly code project that I’ll stream (once I get this rig set up to do so), as well as working, eventually, on YMICAE, a successor to XMICAE that uses the much more purpose-appropriate YAML instead of XML.

Here’s a list of the things that you can expect in XMICAE 0.1.0:

  • File <load> functionality in the XMI parser.
  • Rolls which can function identically to two actions simultaneously (a general outcome as well as a success/failure outcome; the ability for the roller to get its margin of success is there, but I didn’t want to delay any longer).
  • Fix for attributecheck() displaying debug information about the outcome of the check; it should now be as quiet as any other checking function.
  • A few minor improvements around the board, including some to the general durability of the platform when it encounters things that it doesn’t expect.
  • Prototype XML “editor” that can currently simply show the XML structure (scrapped for time and also because it became a lower priority as XMICAE’s infeasibility for larger applications became apparent).
  • Fixed <attributerequire> element now calls attributecheck() instead of attributeheck().
  • Made about how that’s one hell of a bug.
  • Some very kludgy code, in part to avoid worrying about stuff like variable scope that I wound up having to worry about anyway.

If people express interest, I’m not opposed to adding in some of the features that I didn’t include based on time and because I don’t need them, and going back and making some of the code cleaner (the roller code, for example, has large segments of duplicated code instead of using functions), but unless people ask or I find a critical error (the error holding 0.1.0’s release up is actually amusing, relating to xmi.php and roller.php save functionality and xmi.php duplicating loaded roller.php results, which has no gameplay effect but looks sloppy) I’m going to make this be one of the later releases, because I need to return my entire focus to writing and content creation, which has gone well but is suffering from a lack of good work time.

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