Release: Galli System

The Galli system is something I created for a science-fiction game I’m running, but I decided to make it into something a little more than that. I run it in “The Void” with some major modifications, but it’s system agnostic.

It runs 16 pages, and it’s essentially a “Look! I can do this!” example for later stuff in Ostravia. There’s several images in there, primarily the backgrounds and a map of the Galli System, which I believe are good ways to demonstrate the fact that I can actually put together something coherent given enough time. It’s not very heavily edited, in part because it’s almost verbatim copied from my campaign notes, with some additions and modifications for general use. It’s configured for use in a system that has motivations integrated into it, hence the +/- motivations on each faction and character, and the +/- elements on planets and the like.

So, without further ado, here’s the downloads

Galli System High Quality

Galli System Low Quality

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