Project Update: Homoeoteleuton Connect and Ostravia Work

This week I’ve gotten a lot done. There’s the Galli System Handbook (see yesterday’s post), but also a couple other big things. One of these is “Homoeoteleuton Connect“, a miniature social network I set up. This is part of my potential Kickstarter fulfillment stuff. However, it’s also a way for me to put updates online more frequently than is appropriate for the blog.

For Ostravia, I have several things done. I went back and did a little more work on the history side of things, which is somewhat major as far as things go. It was mostly related to GM advice and medieval social roles, attempting to encourage both realism and good character creation at the same time. Not a bad bit of work if I may say so myself.

I also went back and added in a few small features. I added a chase mechanic, which nicely transitioned into work on acrobatics and endurance that’s the next few things I’m finishing up. I also went to town on the Literacy skill, part of the new “General” skill group, consisting of things typically used for thresholds (i.e. perception and literacy) rather than rolls. It’s part of the way I’m speeding up Ostravia, and also filling some voids in the potential ruleset.

Homoeoteleuton Connect is an elgg install meant to provide a platform both for me to run games (though anyone could, if they wanted to), but also for distribution of content to playtesters and Kickstarter backers. It’s also a way for me to communicate over its integrated “The Wire” microblog, which is pretty useful to both keep me on task and help me get feedback once the project goes “public”.

So, long story short, that’s been this week. I’m going to leave it short and simple.

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