Project Update: A Digital Ostravia

As February draws closer, I’ve been working with redoubled effort on a CYOA-esque web implementation of Ostravia using the ABACUS Light ruleset. It’s not fully featured, but it’s something that is very much at the core of the project; as a way of learning about and teaching history, I want Ostravia to be accessible both to avid readers and players of roleplaying games and those who prefer their narratives fictional.

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Project Update: Combat and the ABACUS Large-Scale Dice Tester.

This week I’ve mostly been working on some combat stuff, both for social and physical combat, in Ostravia. I also learned the basics of PHP, which is related to some of my more recent work in Ostravia. Long story short, it’s time to get really into crunch mode on the combat mechanics so I’ll have something to showcase in the Kickstarter.

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Project Update: Ostravia Timeline

Today I’m going to give a brief overview of the progress I’m hoping to make on Ostravia throughout the next couple months. Long story short, Ostravia has a somewhat inflexible “end” time of October. It doesn’t have to finish as a project at this point, but the historical bits and a functional game must be complete at this point. With that in mind, here’s my outlook:

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Project Update: Homoeoteleuton Connect and Ostravia Work

This week I’ve gotten a lot done. There’s the Galli System Handbook (see yesterday’s post), but also a couple other big things. One of these is “Homoeoteleuton Connect“, a miniature social network I set up. This is part of my potential Kickstarter fulfillment stuff. However, it’s also a way for me to put updates online more frequently than is appropriate for the blog.

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Project Update: Wounds, Infection, and Dying in Ostravia

Today’s not perhaps the least gruesome part of my work on Ostravia, but it’s an important part. Being a somewhat realistic look at medieval life, it’s important for people to be able to meet an untimely and violent end in Ostravia, and this will happen fairly quickly in most cases without the support of allies or the benefit of a moderately merciful foe (i.e. won’t finish you off after you’re down).

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Project Update: Ostravia Marches On

Continuing with Ostravia, we’ve seen some significant progress in terms of setting development, namely in that I’ve started to finally make Ostravia a tentative map. I’m not very good at cartography, so it isn’t pretty looking, but it’s sitting there and forming a basis for future progress. In short, not a lot of interest beyond a few musings; I’ve tried to have a couple proto-playtests but finals and the like have been messing with scheduling and they haven’t pulled through.

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Project Update: Ostravia Progress

I have good news for Ostravia; I’ve hit the next step on the road to having Ostravia officially recognized as my honors thesis and as such need only get one more document signed to get everything official. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the busiest weeks of the year for me, so progress otherwise is pretty slow.

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Project Update: An Ostravia Timeline

Ostravia’s been forging ahead, so I figure I should give people an idea of what to expect in terms of it and my other projects. Obviously, since it is now my honors thesis, it’s grown to be both much larger (no longer merely serving as the testing ground for ABACUS but instead becoming its own full-grown game), and a lot more personally important, so it’s sort of rearranged my schedule.

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Project Update: The Political Structure of Ostravia

The hierarchal structure of Ostravia is based off German feudalism, which is in part because that’s not so far off of the Polish system but also because Ostravia’s political realities reflect a pitifully weak monarchy with princes that really vie for most of the power. For the sake of Ostravia, there are three major principalities within the boundaries of the royal kingdom of Ostravia. This is somewhat subject to change as the project draws on, but it serves as a foundation for characters and their social personae, motivations, and background.

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Project Update: Ostravia (Lots of Housekeeping)

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do a whole lot on Ostravia this week. I’ve been pretty busy with a lot of stuff, and I’ve mostly come down to getting correspondence about doing it as an honors thesis and stuff like that, and not so much to the actual work on Ostravia itself. Still, I’ve had some progress.

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