Street Rats: Alpha 1.0 Released!

Good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone! I am pleased to announce and officially publish the alpha version of Street Rats, a cyberpunk roleplaying game that I’ve been working on for the past few months.

The year is 2098. As humanity prepares to move into the 22nd century, it must come to terms with the horrors and splendors of the 21st century. Nuclear war, the creation of digital sentient “life”, international identification databases, and the rise of corporations and secret societies behind the scenes have shaped the tide of world events.

Street Rats uses a core mechanic with a d20 and margins of success and failure, combining rapid single-die play with a hybrid class-based and point-buy system and quick lifepath character creation: you can get ready to play in a matter of minutes!

Download links after the break.

Take on the role of a Rat, one of the few whose information is refused from the IBT databases, able to work in the shadows, a deniable asset for the highest bidder. Choose from a variety of origins, backgrounds, and roles as you build a character using a fast and flexible character creation system.

The alpha released today is about 50% feature complete, though many of the features it currently has will be revised before the first complete version of the game. I hope to finish up the alpha by the end of January and move on to beta, where the emphasis will be on getting the game content complete. Once the game is content complete, it’ll go through a couple editing and fluff draft processes, then be fully published (and still free!) in a “first printing” edition.

The game is currently clocking in at about 150 pages; it will probably reach a complete length of 400 pages by the end of development, though this number depends on a number of factors.

Street Rats Alpha 1.0

Street Rats Character Sheet Alpha 1.0

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