Street Rats Alpha 1.1

Street Rats Alpha 1.1 has arrived. It’s been a frantic week, but we’ve been able to do some things, including setting up a nice new forum which should make us a little more open to people and have our own little corner of the web, but mostly revolving around a pretty nice changelog (if I may say so myself). A lot of the things that really cheesed me off about the state that I released Alpha 1.0 in have been fixed (note that I try to release something every December 24th, which is why it was released as it was.

The official place to get Street Rats from here on out is going to be over on DriveThruRPG. I like the openness of posting it here myself, but there will only be a couple more weeks where the filesize will fit on WordPress and I don’t want to fiddle around with it. In any case, DriveThruRPG makes version management relatively easy, and I’ll keep all the versions of the rulebook up somewhere for reference purposes. The links to DriveThruRPG are below.

Core Rulebook:
Multiplied most GAU/AAU costs by 10. Gave bioborgs some more free AAU, but tweaked the prices of some augmentations. It is unlikely that any characters have been rendered illegal by these changes.
Added example of character creation.
Added a few abilities: Armor Master and Pacifist, among others.
Fixed a couple typos: Quickness is not an attribute, but Speed is.
Reworded a couple sections, including the Margin overview.
Fancied up the Tokens section.
Bleeding made more hardcore. This simply involved changing rates of blood loss from hours to minutes and from minutes to rounds, and is still not entirely satisfying.
First hardware added to the gear section.
Stealth and hearing damage.
Removed ghost index entry.
Game styles section added.
Now 160 pages.

Character Sheet:
Added Initiative and Resolution Rating to the Combat Statistics section, added an Augmented Value column for attributes, and included a customizable field for hit locations so that non-humanoid characters can be recorded.
Added a couple more spots for gear.
Added vehicles/drones spaces.
Added a notes section.
Now 4 pages.

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